Waste of Money in Big Government
by Allan C. Brownfeld

Waste of money in Big Government, by Allan C. Brownfeld
Ten years ago House Speaker Newt Gingrich declared ”We Republicans will make governemnt smaller and smarter”. That’s not the way it turned out. The budget for fiscal 2005, proposed by President Bush, is almost a trillion dollars bigger than at the time when Gingrich proclaimed the ”Republican Revolution”.



Bismarck – master builder or undertaker?
by Tommy Hansson

Contra starts a new series on European history. In connection with visits at important places in the history of Europe our correspondent introduces European history in the light of the struggle between democracy and dictatorship.

The first article in the series is a visit at Friedrichsruh close to Hamburg in Northern Germany. Here is the estate of Chancellor Otto von Bismarck, including his large mausoleum. In 1945 count Folke Bernadotte had his headquarter here.

Social democratic women the main advocates of Swedish sterilization policies
by C G Holm

In 1934 Sweden introduced its infamous sterilization laws, leading to the sterilization of some 63,000 Swedes during the following four decades. Many Social Democrats wanted to go even further in order to protect Sweden from ”breeding inferiour stock”. The most active advocates of this policy were the Social Democratic women. The only one firmly standing up against the proposals was Hjalmar Hammarskjöld, member of the nobility, respected judge, former Prime Minister, conservative and generally regarded as a reactionary. Mr Hammarskjöld was the father of Dag Hammarskjöld, who later became Secretary General of the United Nations.
The former Prime Minister was one of only two members of parliament that opposed the decision of 1934.

Sven Stolpe fired at the leftists
by Tommy Hansson

Author Sven Stolpe was at the later part of his life as a punchbag for the Politically Correct. He was conservative, catholic, well educated, eloquent and very much against socialism. He was everything that the Politically Correct despise.

Dr Stolpe’s long and rich life makes him one of the foremost in Swedish culture of the last century.

The chemophobia of environmentalism
by Tommy Hansson

We continue to scrutinize the myths of environmentalism. In this issue we look into the excessive fear of using chemicals.