The people of Kosova were saved from Pierre Schori!
by Tommy Hansson

The UN were to appoint a high representative in Kosova. One of the candidates was the Swedish ambassador to the UN, Pierre Schori, seemingly supported by UN Secretary General Koffi Annan. There was however one problem, the United States disapproved. After a few weeks Pierre Schori withdraw his candidacy claiming that it “stinked of mccarthyism in this appointment”. The US administration stated that they were not interested in cooperating with a person who has been anti-US in his attitude all the time since the 1970s.

Contra has now and then scrutinized the activities of Mr Schori, and hopefully we have somewhat contributed to the failure of Mr Schori. The people of Kosova is to congratulate.

The appointed high representative was former conservative Finnish prime minister Harri Holkeri.

The evil of national socialism
by Tommy Hansson

To understand how a primitive racist ideology like national socialism could conquer Germany, with its outstanding cultural heritage, we have to go back to the mid-19th century. The German historian and philosopher Constantin Frantz analyzed Germany in general and Prussia in detail. According to Swedish philosopher Tage Lindbom Frantz was one of the foremost political thinkers of the 19th century. “He saw a mortal danger in the emergence of a German nationalist great power philosophy. He looked at the cchauvinism growing after 1866, and still more after the Franco-German war of 1870-71. The Prussian military power is the emergence of a macchiavellic military power.

Warlords in Afghanistan
by Anssi Kristian Kullberg

Anssi Kristian Kullberg’s thorough eport on the development in Afghanistan is concluded in this issue, looking at the power and interrelationships of different warlords.

Seven years in labour camp for Sinjavsky
by Tommy Hansson

Andrei Sinjavsky was an ambitious author and a knowledgable literary scientist, But it is not his literary career that is remembered, but his fight against Soviet totalitarianism. He became world famous in connection with his arrest in 1965.

Svenska Dagbladet – a leftist yellow sheet?

In the previous issue of Contra we forwarded a certain criticism against what is called the leading Conservative newspaper in Sweden, Svenska Dagbladet, because of its anti-US tendency in its reporting on the Iraq war. In this issue we have followed the month of June in Svenska Dagbladet. Unfortunately this study shows that it is not only the foreign pages that have a leftist bias, it can be seen in most sections, with the leader pages as the only esxception. On page 21 we give a sample of front pages of Svenska Dagbladet during the Iraq war. Baghdad Bob couldn’t have done it better!

The robber and the anarchist left
by Karl-Göran Bottwyk

July 2 2003 Fredrik Göransson, and two fellow criminals, tried to rob an armoured money transport in the Swedish province of Blekinge. The police were following the robbers as they had got advance information and they were able to act rapidly, shooting Göransson to death. The other two were chased, escaped, but gave up a couple of days later. The claim that they are not guilty to the robbery, but police seem to have lots of evidence against them.

Two of the robbers, among them Fredrik Göransson, were editors of “Kåkbladet” (“Con News”) which was distributed throughout the country. Other editors included a man who was sentenced two two and a half years in prison after the anarchist anti-EU riots in Gothenburg 2001. The “Con News” uses the same P O Box as the anarchist magazine “Brand” and the late Mr Göranssons girl friend is the editor of that magaxzine.