PM Persson looks happy – but is this enough?

With less than a month left to the parliamentary election of September 15 the prospects of a non-socialist government looks remote. But still there might be hope. If PM Göran Persson gets a new four-year term it is however more due to the weakness of the opposition, than his own merits. Recent discussions among the “non-socialist left” is not very encouraging.

Alf Svensson – a decent Christian Democrat

Alf Svensson is likely to become the best Prime Minister Sweden never got. He is by a large part of the electorate seen as the most attractive Prime Minister candidate, but on the other hand he is leader of a party that will get only some ten per cent of the votes. Mr Svensson – in spite of any weaknesses he might have – has in his fight for the Christian Democratic Party given a clear impact on Swedish politics for some thirty years.

Contra’s PC wordbook

Fed up with all election promises and election rhetoric? Fed up with PC-ness? I. e. fashionable views regarded as the truth of the day?
Contra gives the reader assistance in understanding all the PC-ness in a Wordbook on political correctness.

A new era – new doctrines required
by Bertil Häggman

The attacks of islamic extremists on the democratic societies in the West creates the need for a strategic reorientation. President Bush has launched a new doctrine on the response against terrorism.

They ruined Sweden: Castro, Neto and Palme were the political idols of Pierre Schori
by Tommy Hansson

Pierre Schori is the present Ambassador to the UN of Sweden. He has served a long time in the Swedish Foreign Office and was also for one period a member of Parliament. His destructive foreign policies have always promoted communist interests. And some facts supports the claims that Schori once closely cooperated with the Soviet KGB.

Dragan Jovius – Soviet espionage expert
by Tommy Hansson

Dragan Jovius was born in Serbia, but in the 1970s and 1980s he was the foremost Swedish expert (outside the secret intelligence community) on Soviet espionage on Sweden and other countries. He wrote two books on the subject and was repeatedly seen in TV as an independent intelligence expert.

The roots of islamic terrorism
by Antero Leitzinger

Antero Leitzinger in this issue concludes his study of the roots of islamic terrorism. In this issue he concentrates on misconceptions common in Western media.