They searched for high ideals – and they found death!
by Tommie Ullman

In the 1930s hundreds of Swedish men, women and children emigrated to the Soviet Union, most of them to Karelia (north of Leningrad). They were struck by hunger, persecution and death. Convinced Communist Party members were executed as enemies of (their new) state. Others starved to death. The emigrants were recruited by local Communists in Sweden. Today’s “reformed” Communist Party (“Leftist Party”) tries to hide this dark element in Party history.

Moscow footed the bill of the Swedish Communist Party

The fact that Swedish Communists received money from the Soviet Union is no secret. But a recent academic study reveals details on financial support to all the Nordic Communist parties. The study is based on documents from the archives of the Central Committee of the CP of the Soviet Union.

Why is none taking care of the green terrorist threat?
by Allan C. Brownfeld

During the past couple of years violence based on ecological motives have increased in the United States. Some active groups have been Earth Liberation Front and Animal Liberation Front. Neither the American public, nor the law enforcement authorities, seem to have paid this growing concern the proper attention.

Bush exceeds expectations – but he should improve in communication

More than half a year has passed since the presidential inauguration. Certainly some decisions of the administration should be opposed, but in general the mark is a “pass with distinction”. Bush has been critisized by the left, but also by the right. The American president is not at all as right-wing as the leftists have perceived. Not even in environmental policies, where he however have decided not to approve the infamous Kyoto protocol.

The riddle in Oklahoma City not yet solved

“Commander Pedro” – IRL Peter Langan – founded the white suprematist movement Aryan Republican Army (ARA) with the objective to topple the US government with violent means. The model of the ARA was the Irish IRA. Langan was prosecuted and convicted of some 20 bank robberies in the Mid-West in the 1990s. After the capture of Langan Kansas City police was able to seize a large stock of fake IDs, weapon, ammunition and bomb manufacturing equipment, disguise clothing and dictionaries in foreign languages, including arabic. Did federal security in advance know about the terrorist attack in Oklahoma City, and if so, why were no countermeasures taken?

Anna-Greta Leijon and the revolution in family policy

“I have not decided if I shall stay in the Social Democratic Party or join the KFML (maoist party). I certainly will not join the Leftist Communist Party [now reform communists]” Anna-Greta Leijon declared in 1970, according to the multi-biography of leading social democrats by Hans O. Sjöström. Three years later she was a member of the cabinet. She is one of leading socialist politicans that have formed Swedish policies and society in general, and especially so in family policies. Note the picture taken at the official visit of Prime Minister Olof Palme on Cuba – Anna-Greta Leijon, Fidel Castro and Olof Palme.

David Horowitz from darkness to enlightment

Unfortunately we are not able to include David Horowitz in our series of heroes from the cold war. During the Cold War he advocated numerous different leftist causes. But today Horowitz realizes his mistakes of the past – among other things he cooperated with the Black Panther Party.

Leftist Lunatics
by Karl-Göran Bottwyk and C G Holm

The Swedish reform Communist – the Leftist Party – has a solid history of support for the Soviet Union. Party organ Ny Dag praised the swift reaction of Adolf Hitler when Germany occupied Denmark and Norway in april 1940 – a swift response to British provocations. Party leader (1964-1975) C H Hermansson talked of his senses of severe loss at the death of Josef Stalin at a public meeting in Stockholm. His successor Lars Werner (1975-1983) sent telegrams praising Romanian dictator Nicolae Ceausescu a few months before the trial and execution of Ceasescu.

Still today you find the true sense of the Leftist Party if you look at local party chairmen and representatives. Contra shows a number of convictions for crimes like moonlighting, arson, theft of weapons, assault and so forth.