Leader: Sweden has (together with Finland) applied for membershoip in NATO. As late as in the beginning of February the Swedish government said there was no intention on applying for membership in the NATO. Vladimir Putin succeeded in changing the views of the Social Democratic Party better than the political opposition, which has advocated for membership for decades.

Climate scare
In 1970 there was a climate scare, but the scare for a new ice age.

Modular Nuclear Power
Giant nuclear power plants have been expensive. Now there is a new trend in nuclear power construction, modular power plats. Smaller in scale and cost, but possible to link to each other. Plants built not on  site but in a factory.

Putin lovers in well-known church
The Russian Orthodox Parish in Stockholm is a strong supporter of Vladmiir Putin’s policies (the patriarch of Moscow, Kirill, has blessed Russian weapons used in the Ukraine). The parish seems to have gained access to one of few ”private” churches in Stockholm, well known for its red wooden tower raising over the E4 motorway crossing Stockholm on a bridge.

Child Care in Sweden
10000 childremn are taken care of by the social authorities every year (approximately a tenth of the number of children born every year). One of the cases well publicized in the media, the so-called ”family of Ystad” had four of their five children compulsory rehoused by the authorities (the fifth being over 18 years old and thus not eligible for legal actions). Two journalists have spent years to find out that the main story of the reasons behind the decision of the authorities were false.

Enes Kanter Freedom
Famnous basket pro Enes Kanter Freedom has been active in the so-called Gülen movement. He has been politicaly active and had his Turkish citizenship revoked by the Turkish authorities. When he became a US citizen in late 2021 ha added his new surname Freedom.

Communism in Indonesia
Indonesia almost turned Communist under president Ahmed Sukarno during the 1950s and 1960s. Things have turned better.

National socialism and communism
In Sweden the national socialists participating in elections did only get a couple of 10000s of votes, while the Communist got several 100000s. Two famous politicians from the 1930s were Sven Olov Lindholm, leader of Swedish Socialist Unity one of two nazi parties during the 1930s. Later he turned communist. The other was Nils Flyg, a Communist member of Parliament, whose party later turned into a national socialist party. Flyg died in 1943 shortly before Swedish police revealed that his party had got financial supoort from the German Reich.

Marina Ovsyannikova
The Russian TV anchor who during a live news broadcast showed an antiwar sign in Russian TV. She writes herself on what happened to her and why she decided not to serve Putin’s propaganda broadcasts. Now she works for the Axel Springer group in Berlin. Her father was Russian and her mother Ukrainian, she was born in Odesa in Ukraine in 1978.