Leader: Be ashamed Swedish people – but less so than at the previous election

Extremist parties lost half of their seats in the May 26 European Parliament election. Dropping from six to three seats. The Greens lost two of their four seats and the Feminists lost their single seat. Unfortunately the Left kept the seat they won in 2014. Together the three parties got 18.9 per cent of the votes, compared to 26.8 per cent in 2014. Almost one Swede in five voted for a party that should have no votes at all in a civilized society. Most dangerous of the three paries is the Greens. Their agenda directly hits at prosperity and they want to use tax money to spend on projects that makes it harder to live in Sweden.


Carbon dioxide is the gas of life – high levels improve harvests

Carbon dioxide is tha gas of life. Necessary for life on earth. All plants live on carbon dioxide. Through the photosynthesis they create oxygen which is necessary for animal life. Before the oxygen levels had reached figures high enough there was no possibility for animal life on earth.


C G Holm: The ice on Greenland is growing again

The Greenland ice cap is disappearing! Many climate alarmists claim. The truth is that the ice cap on Greenland grows and contracts. After several years with dimnishing ice in the important Jakobshavn glacier, the tide changed and now the Jakobshavn glacier is growing rapidly.


C G Holm: Only a minor part of carbon dioxide emissions are caused by humans

Carbon dioxide generated by human activity is only a few per cent of the total carbon dioxide turnover in the world. Natural variations are much more important than human activity.


Dan Ahlmark: Important factors behind Swedish progress

Swedish prosperity was not created by leftist policies. On the contrary, prosperity was created by innovations and technological progress, things developing in spite of political efforts to curb the spirit of entrepreneurship and growth.


Britt-Louise Hoberg: Politicized law

The Swedish legal system is generally looked upon as politicized, in spite of the fact that Sweden is among the foremost critics of Poland and Hungary. Sweden has recently complained on Hungary which had plans to create a copy of the Swedish Domtolsverket (The Swedish National Courts Administration). The Hungarian governemnt decided to back down after having been criticized. But in Sweden Domstolsverket is in full operation since decades.


Solar panels an environmental threat

Enemies of modern energy technology want to invest in wind power and solar power. These production methods are in no ways free from impact on the environment. Previously we have looked at the effect of wind power. This time we looks at solar power.


Jordan Peterson on islamophobia, Twitter and Cambridge

The Canadian professor in psychology Jordan Peterson is more and more hated in the leftist academia. At the same time he is more and more popular among the general public. When he talked at the Circus arena in Stockholm the arena was sold out in a few hours ans still after offering a second lecture all tickets were sold months in advance. Peterson is interviewd on his views on the academia and on the media.


The Genocide in Turkey 1915

In 1915 between 1.5 and 2 million Christians were murdered in what today is Turkey. Turks and kurds saw a possibility to conquer fertile farmland, but it all happened with the complicity and military support of the Turkish government.


Tommy Hansson: Julian Assange got what he deserved

After seven years at the Ecuadorean Embassy in London Julian Assange was arrested by British police on April 11 2019, after a decision taken by the Ecuadorean government. A criminal narcissist, Julian Assange got what he deserved when he was thrown into a British prison.


Women rule in the media

In media you can often read of ”male dominance” in different professions. Especially people working in managerial positions. We do not fully understand why it is said that at least 40 per cent should be represented by each sex at managerial positions. Seldom you read in media on the position in media itself. The relationship between the different sexes is imbalanced in media, with a heavy female bias.


No to globalism

Yoram Hazony’s book The Virtues of Nationalism is an eloquent defence of the order created after the Peace of Westphalia. A system of independent states was created after Westphalia. Hazony on the other hand criticizes the ideas of German philosopher Immanuel Kant who in 1795, during the period of enlightment, attacked the national state. Independence was barbaric according to Kant and he saw an international government growing from the will of the people.