Rejecteds seek consolation in extremist parties

Women who have been unsuccesful in establishing family relations are 70 per cent more likely to vote for the small extremist Feminist Initiative party, than married women. Or they are voting with other extremists like the Greens or the Communists, also highly overrepresented among singles.

Is terrorism financed by public welfare payments?

The Swedish Financial Supervisory Authority has studied financing of Swedish citizens’ participation in terrorist movements. Some sources of finance are linked to Swedish taxpayers. Swedish legislation is far behind in stopping and punishing those that misuse welfare benefits.

Former Chess World Champion Garry Kasparov does not dare to return to Russia

As a celebrated Grand Master in chess Garry Kasparov beat the entire old guard of chess champions. And then he lost to a computer program. He changed from pawns, knights and bishops to becoming the foremost critic of Vladimir Putin. Garry Kasparov tells Bryan Appleyard why he wants to topple the King, Vladimir Putin.

The Swedish Civil Rights Movement – defending civil rights and promoting changes in the Constitution

Leif V. Erixell was elected chairman of the Swedish Civil Rights Movement (Medborgarrättsrörelsen i Sverige) last year. The Swedish Civil Rights Movement was founded by the Justice in the Supreme Administrative Court Gustaf Petrén in 1974, and the formation of the organization was closely linked to the new Swedish Constitution of 1975. Petrén, and many with him, thought that the topic of civil rights was not properly addressed in the new Constitution. And that the poeple of Sweden had not had the opportunity to give its views on the new Constitution. The new Constitution was not in focus for the political discussion, in spite of being the most important political issue for decades.

Latin letters in Kazachstan – Russians are dissatisfied

Kazach president Nursultan Nazarbajev irritates Moscow when he has declared that the Cyrillic Alphabet will be disused and replaced by the Latin Alphabet from 2018. The Cyrillic Alphabet was forced onto the Kacahs in 1940. Already in the 1920s the Kazachs (and other peoples linguistically related to the Turks) had turned from arab to latin script. But in 1940 the Kazachs were forced to adapt to ”proletarian internationalism”, meaning the Cyrillic Alphabet.

When ”objective truth” turns into a ”racist construct”

Free speech is under attack in America, and especially where it should be strongest, in the Universities. Speakers are stopped by mobs – or by the faculty.

How the 1968 generation destroyed the Church of Sweden

Historian Johan Sundeen has recently published a thorough study of how the Church of Sweden was manipulated by the leftist rhetoric of the 1968 generation of revolutionaries. Tommy Hansson reports and comments.

Consumer influence at the cost of taxpayers

There are a number of organizations who claim they represent consumer interests in Sweden. But in actual practice they are lobby groups advocating the views of the Trade Unions and the Social Democratic Party. Most of their budgets are met by grants from authorities like SIDA (Swedish International Development Authority) or The Swedish Consumer Agency (a government agency).

Great Was Lenin

August 9 last year Contra received an e-mail from Kjell Albin Abrahamson, who told us he had completed his 267 pages book “Great Was Lenin – A Massmurderer and his Coup d’Etat”. At the same time he asked for help with the exact wording for a sentence on page 252. Every detail in the book should be correct. We cleared the wording during the following couple of days and the very last e-mail from Kjell Albin Abrhamson reached Contra August 23. A few weeks later he died during a visit to Poland. The book was however completed and his publisher Hjalmarson & Högberg has posthumously published his book. Contra’s summary comment on the book: Brilliant!