Benefits of a common culture

It gives a sense of security and it is also a very practical thing to have common cultural norms in a society. People travelling to distant countries rapidly adapt to local norms, even if a Swede initially might feel uncomfortable with kissing the cheek of a woman as a general greeting as in France or kissing other men as in Eastern Europe. But you adapt to local customs in order not to look strange and create problems for acceptance of oneself in the society. That’s not more odd than a foreigner moving to Sweden adapts to Swedish cultural norms, even if he or she might feel uncomfortable in the beginning. Customs of how to greet strangers has nothing with religion to do, as some moslem extremists advocate in Sweden. Every decent moslem shakes hands as the standard greeting according to Swedish culture..

The legal right of common access is new for the Swedish society
by Gunnar Wiktorsson

Many believe that the right of common access to land is a very ancient custom in Sweden. It is not. Common access to commons were reserved for parishioners. And access to private lands did not exist at all. What now is the legal right to common acess was introduced as late as 1938. When the government introduced the first bill with two weeks paid holidays for all employees, the governemnt realized that all new holidaymakers needed somewhere to spend their holiday. It was to expensive to buy land in order to create national parks and thus ”the legal right to common access” was created. The government tried to put it forward as a right since times immemorial. It was not. And as early as 1974 the myth was further strengthened by introducing the legal right of common access as a part of the Swedish constitution.

Professor Sven-Eric Liedman, an old-school marxist,
by Kjell Albin Abrahamson

I lift a heavy book in the bookshop. It should be heavy as it is 800 pages thick. When I read on the back cover that Karl Marx is a contemporary critic of today’s capitalism, I put the book back on the shelf. When leaving the bookshop I heard myself singing the old tune: When will they ever learn? When will they…

Monoculture or multiculture,
by C G Holm

Listening to present day political correctness, multiculture may be seen as the only decent thing in a modern and enlightened society. It is not. The dogma of multiculturalism was stealthed into Swedish legislation in 1975, without even a public discussion. And in other democratic and advanced societies monoculture is the norm, like in Iceland or Japan.

Race, class and sharia,
by Filip Björner

Sharia is the name of barbarian laws advocated by the prophet Muhammad, according to the Quran and the sunna (a common description of the acts and statements of Muhammad). The struggle of islam to enact in legal form the sharia system is something comparable to the racism of national socialism or the class warfare of marxism.

Rosgvardija, Putin’s new lifeguard of 400,000 men,
by Frank Gordons

Vladimir Putin tightens his grip on Russia. By creating a combined military force of 400,000 men, including Putin’s own lifeguard as well as special forces, the entire force under the command of the president. And also by moving the Federal Archives from the Ministry of Culture to the chancellery of the President. Putin does not only control a large military force. He now also controls the history of Russia.

Lenin crash, a new Ukrainian form of art,
by Bertil Häggman

Radio Free Europe/Radio Liberty recently reported that a giant crane removed a statue of Vladimir Lenin weighing 40 tons from the centre of the Ukrainian city of Zaporizhia. One of many events in a series of ”Lenin crashes” in the Ukraine.

Ban Ki-moon – Israel hater in the footsteps of Dag Hammarskjöld,
by Tommy Hansson

United Nations Secretary General, the former South Korean Foreign Secretary, January 26th this year made a speech in the Security Council on the situation in the Middle East. He mentioned the State of Israel 22 tiimes as a problem for achieving peace, while he didn’t say one single word of criticism against Syria, Iraq, Hamas, Hizbollah and the Islamic State (ISIS)!