The need of gene technology
by C G Holm

”The green revolution” saved the life of one billion people. The population of Earth is still increasing, although the rate of increase has dropped and the population will level out at 9 billion. But during the coming 30 years we will be more than 2 billion more people on Earth. We need new technologies to increase food production – gene technology, which is almost banned in Europe.


DNA of well-known murderer never tested,
by Patrik Nyberg

The most severe judicial scandal in Sweden of the past 25 years has been the handling of the murder of the prostitute Catrine da Costa. After radical feminists had set the agenda two doctors were indicted but acquitted for the murder. But the verdict cointained the sentence that they were considered to have dismembered the body, which crime however had passed the stature of limitations. The licences to practice were withdrawn from the doctors and they have been denied to work as doctors for most of their lives. They were also denied to appeal against the wording of the verdict as they were acquitted. The police refused to test available evidence, but after more than twenty years and after several lawsuits from the doctors the forensic authorities concluded that fingerprints and a hair found with the body did not belong to the doctors. But the doctors still have not got a material change. As even the murder now has passed the stature of limitations (which used to be 25 years, now there is no limitation) the police refuse to make any more investigations, but still within the limtations they refused to compare the findings with the DNA of a deceased murderer who had had contacts with the victim, claiming that the police never used material from dead people, which is outright false..

The revenge of the Baltic Tigers,
by Fredrik Runebert

The high growth rate experienced after the fall of the Soviet Union in 1991 turned into a financial crisis and a recession in 2008 and during a few months the peoples of the Baltic states lost a quarter of their GNP. Already in 1998 the Balts had experienced a catastrophe in connnection with the Russian crisis, which pulled away the foundation of the Baltic wealth. As opposed to Greece and other south European countries the Balts chose not to have an extended crisis but a bold cutting of the Gordian knot. In the choice between a prolonged crisis and a shock therapy the Balts chose the latter. Can the South Europeans learn?

Moderates and Social Democrats are dominating most political questions, but the Greens and the Sweden Democrats carry one issue each, by Sven Enberg

The consultant Kairos Future has polled which parties are ”owning” different areas of politics, that is are seen to have the best general ideas in the area. Moderates an Social Democrats carry most of the areas, but there are changes. Moderates carried the topic of unemployment in all categories in both 2006 and 2010 (election years), but today the Sopcial Democrats have the lead in this very important question in most categories. The Liberals have owned ”eductaion”, but today the Moderates have taken one and the Social Democrats have taken three categories out of five in the education field. For elder people the Liberals still ”own” education. Only two minor parties ”own” any issues. The Greens are seen as running the best environment policy and the Sweden Democrats the best immigration policy.

Party members are not willing to pay – they send the bill to the taxpayers, by C G Holm

The political parties get fewer and fewer members. But their costs are increasing rapidly. The solution is to send the bill to the taxpayers. But if the members of the parties are not prepared to pay the costs of the organization, why should others do?

The privileged of hate laws, by Sven Enberg

Legislation against ”hate speech” and ”incitement to racial hatred” are crimes that have been widened in Europe during later years. In many cases the legislation contradicts freedom of speech. In the United States the freedom of speech in the First Amendement stands stronger. But also in the United States freedom of speech is threatened. Restrictions hit weak and impopular minorities, which lose their freedom of speech.

We need fathers, by Allan C. Brownfeld

Absent fathers is a growing problem for the entire Western world, but especially so for Black Americans. President Obama addressed the issue in his speech at Father’s Day this year.

Rohani is president – but the Guardian Council controls all power, by Tommy Hansson

Hassan Rohani was inaugurated as president of Iran on Augsut 4. He campaigned for a more moderate Iran after 8 years under loose-tongued anti-semite Mahmoud Ahmadinejad as president. His victory caused optimism in the world, but it is not Rohani who is at the helm, political control is under the clerical Guardian Council.

Mohamed Omar left islamism,
by Tommy Hansson

January 9 2009 the daily Expressen published an article by the poet and author Mohamed Omar, a former moderate muslim, who then encompassed radical islamism. After three years he leaves islamism, only to join marxism!