Islamism and political fanatics
by Tommy Hansson

Islamofascist terror is inspired by ”jihad”, or the moslem holy war. But if you make a deeper study of the islamist warfare against the West and Israel you will find other models: Anarchist terror in Russia during czarist times, fascist and nazi terror during the 1920s and 1930s and the urban guerillas of the 1970s.

Raoul Wallenberg – honoured in the world,
but dishonoured in Stockholm
by C G Holm

Raoul Wallenberg was a Swedish diplomat who saved tens of thousands of Jews from the extermination forces of Adolf Eichmann in Budapest during the final days of WWII. Wallenberg was captured by Soviet forces and disappeared in the Soviet Gulag. The Swdeish government, and especially so foreign secretary Östen Undén, made hardly any efforts to free Wallenberg.

Raoul Wallenberg is, together with Winston S. Churchill an honourary US citizen. His monument is raised in Buda, in Pest, in New York (outside the UN building) in London, Washington, Toronto, Sydney, Los Angeles, Jerusalem, Buenos Aires and Moscow as well as in his native Lidingö. In Stockholm there is a so-called monument which is not an honour but a disgrace to Wallenberg’s memory. Contra shows pictures of the monuments in Buda, Pest, New York, Lidingö (two, one at the town hall and one at his birthplace) and Stockholm.

Doomsday prophecies on environment no real news
by Tommy Hansson

During the coldest and most snowy winter for years a lot of people froze to death in Eastern Europe and Russia. The cold weather does not, however, affect climatologist advocating the theory that greenhouse gases are causing an increasingly warm climate. You should not believe them.

The return of the Welfare State
by Fredrik Runebert

Johnny Munkhammar, working for the Confederation of Swedish Business, wrote a book on the return of the Welfare State. What will happen when the baby boomers retire in a few years? The Munkhammar book might give the impression that everything is predetermined Leftist gains in South

by Jeong Yong-seok

South Korea is facing the most severe political crises since the time of the emerging democracy in the 1990s. There is a confronattion between left and right with a third leftists, a third rightists and a third neutrals. But in the political life the rightists are at a disadvantage. Professor Jeong Yong-seok, at Dongguk University, gives an overview of the development.

300 000 policemen watch
Chinese internet traffic
Man-Yan Ng interviewd by C G Holm

Man-Yan Ng is born in Hongkong but got his engineering degree in Sweden. He has been working for Swedish companies in Swedden and Germany, now commuting between Mannheim in Germany and Västerås in Sweden (two of the main plants of the ABB Corporation). He is a human rights advocate and a director of the International Associatioin for Human Rights in Frankfurt, Germany. He discusses the development of political control and dictatorship in China.

The counterculture and its critics
by Joakim Förars

Is there a conservative school of thought today? Some signs show a revitalization of conservatism, but often as a continuum to traditional European liberalism. Joakim Förars discusses some books criticizing the counterculture Roger Kimball’s The Long March: How the Cultural Revolution of the 1960’s Changed America and Erik Zsiga’s Popvänstern (The Popular Left).