Environmentalists at the helm

Contra publisher Tommya Hansson has written a new novel. Describing a Sweden controlled by environmentalist fundamentalists in 2018. Sweden is rapidly moving towards medieval times. The backwardness of the counrtry is only possible to keep through authoritarian methods. A small group of individualists decides to oppose the regime and they try to topple the government. But Big Sister Gudrun (the character based on a leading Member of Parliament for the Green Party) hits back…

No doomsday

The prophets of doom are wrong. And the way to cope with environmental problems in society is limited and not very efficient. The only method seems to be banning harmful activities. Many effects of human activities may however be balanced by spreading iron powder into certain areas of the sea and thus decrease the amount of energy from the sun that is trapped in the atmosphere. Other similar examples are also given.

Prime Minister Palme and his enemies

Swedish Prime Minister Olof Palme was murdered in Stockholm in 1986. Still no killer has been convicted. Correspondent Bertil O. Wedin (once himself accused for the murder by South African secret polise agents) discusses the policies of the late Palme and how he promoted Communist objectives. Two examples. Palme launched a peace initiative as a geunine Swedish ”peace effort”, after which it was found out that the same policy was advocated by Prvada the very same morning. The Swedish Army stopped distribution of instruction books, developed to cope with the tehcnique of Spetsnaz diversion units, after pressure from the Soviet Embassy. Mr Wedin also criticises the murder investigation and notes that the Swedish governemnt in 1986 was informed that a Soviet diplomat in Stockholm had advance information on the murder. The evidence has never been mase public and the successor of Mr Palme, Mr Ingvar Carlsson, in 1989 stated that it was a vital national interest not to disclose the evidence (quoted in  New York Times September 28, 1989).

The heroes of the Cold War: Franz Josef Strauss

The Bavarian Franz Josef Strauss never was elected chancellor of West Grmany, but had a decisive influence on German politics for decades. Mr Strauss was a staunch anti-communist and an early advocate of policies later implemented by Margaret Thatcher and Ronald Reagan.

On American slavery

Contra’s correspondent in Washington, Allan C. Brownfeld, discusses the ”collective responsibility” of the United States for slavery. Mr Brownfeld concludes that slavery has been a worldwide practice since times immemorial and well into the 19th century. You find slaves in old American Indian nations, with the Vikings, in the Roman Empire and so forth.

The Death Penalty

The first book in Sweden advocating for the death penalty has been published. Contra publisher Tommy Hansson, himself a well-known advocate of capital punishment, writes a review of the book. A photo on page 20 shows a memorial plaque placed on a building only three blocks from the Contra editorial office. ”On this site the last executioner of Sweden, Anders Gustav Dalman, had his dwelling”.

Red China

The bloody history of Red China