Leader: Gender certified research

All publicly financed research in Sweden is screened by the Swedish Secretariat for Gender Research. Also when grants are given by other institutions like the Swedish Research Council. The Secretariat demands a gender perspective on all research and that demand results in inferior results for modern Swedish research.



Organic food

– a waste of our natural resources

Organic food is a success on the market. In spite of exorbitant prices. The Swedish people obviously can afford it. But what about the poor people on earth? And can mankind accept the waste of natural resources that is caused by organic food production?



The dream of an islamic order: Sweden, Bosnia and Europe

The muslim minority in Sweden is increasing rapidly and within a few years it could be the highest per capita in Europe. The muslim impact on society thus becomes more important. A muslim party in the Parliament is no unreasonable prospect for the future. There is in Europe one country with a muslim tradition since the 15th century – Bosnia. What conclusions could be drawn from the Bosnian example?



Only minor discussion on alternatives when Sweden opted for multiculturalism in 1975

The cultural challenge of immigration could be handled in two ways: Integration or multiculturalism. Iceland may be the most obvious example of integration. The Icelandic culture is carried by only 300,000 citizens and is protected by integration. Also Japan has a similar policy. In Sweden the Parliament opted for the other alternative – multuculturalism. The decision was taken by the Parliament in 1975, with hardly any discussion on the various alternatives at hand.


Identity policy – the new marxist method to undermine the free society

”Identity policy” is a new term which confuses many political analysts and activists. It has turned into new tool for marxism to attack the free society. Racism in modern marxist clothes.



Jesper Söder fighting Daesh and

Swedish media

In Syria and Iraq he fought against Daesh (The Islamic State) and against Turkish jihadism. At home he fights against media and is now a candidate in the local elections in September.



Which opinion research institutes are to be trusted in this autumn’s general election?

During the coming months we will almost be drowned by opinion polls. The institutes however give diverging results and no one will accurately predict the outcome of the election. But which institutes can be trusted? Contra looks at the performance in the election of 2014 as compared with the actual outcome of the vote.



When the favoured misbehaves it is all right

The headlines have been numerous as well as the articles. Donald Trump used social media as a tool in his election campaign. In the elections of 2008 and 2012 Barack Obama was praised for the very same thing. Obama used social media to win. As did Trump. Why the difference in media opinion on two people using the same methods?