The Apocalypse – once again

Elder people have heard prophecies of the coming apocalypse many times. After World War II food wouldn’t be enough for feeding a growing world population. A couple of decades later oil would be depleted, become unreasonably expensive causing giant problems for our industries and for development in general. Next decade offered dangerous radio waves from cell phones and other electronic equipment. You should not be at your computer for more than one hour a day. Now it’s carbon dioxide, which together with other waste is the biggest threat to human health. But the world is still here and mankind is healthier than ever.
Right now carbon dioxide is the end of the world. A colourless and scentless gas, naturally a part of the atmosphere – and of human expiration.

Beggars moving to Sweden, by C G Holm

In the year 1965 the ban on begging was taken away from Swedish law. There were no beggars and the law (originating from 1885) had no application in the country any more. Today the situation is quite different. 5,000 beggars, most of them gypsies from Bulgaria and Romania (members of the European Union and thus having free access to Sweden) cover the entire country. Every penny given to the beggars by well-meaning Swedes increase the number of immigrant beggars. And there are approximately one million poor gypsies in Bulgaria and Romania.

Middle aged Caucasian woman with pronunciation problems,
by Kjell Albin Abrahamson

Kjell Albin Abrahamson has visited the death camp at Auschwitz many times. The site is a place which demands respect from the visitors. He is not appealed by a “middle aged Caucasian woman with pronunciation problems” using Auschwitz in daily political polemics. The woman being the Swedish deputy prime minister Åsa Romson, representing the Green party.

Russia and China unite in order to break the dominance of the United States,
by Tommy Hansson

”The Russia-China rapprochement is a sign of the changing world order, in which the West is still very relevant, but no longer dominant.”
The quote is from Russian security expert Dmitri Trenin on May 9, at the Red Square celebration of 70th anniversary of the end of what the Russians call the Great Patriotic War. The celebration was a big army parade and air force show.

The cousin of Muammar Gadaffi warns that IS is on the move to Europe

Is IS, the Islamic State, infiltrating activist among refugees crossing the Mediterranean? Yes, this is the definite view of Ahmed Gadaffi al-Dam, the cousin of the deposed leader of Libya, Muammar Gadaffi, now living in Cairo.

Why are we losing in spite of the superiority of capitalism? by Filip Björner

Filip Björner has spoken to Yaron Brook, president of the Ayn Rand Institute, now planning to establish a branch in Europe. Many of his thoughts are on altruism or selfishness, exemplified by the fact that Bill Gates has done more for mankind than Mother Theresa.

The ideology of Putin is the Russian Orthodox Church,
by Britt-Louise Hoberg Karlsson

Russian soldiers were training on Swedish soil in 2006 and the soldiers had the opportunity to chat amicably with Swedish defence secretary Leni Björklund. Today Russia has reclaimed old Russian and Soviet lines of thought. The West, including Sweden, is threatened by the new Russia of Putin.

A Western political-subversive offensive against jihadism, by Bertil Häggman

The think-tank Center for Security Policy has developed a freedom strategy to defeat the jihadist movement. The strategy is inspired by the strategy documents of James Burnham, developed during the Cold War in order to defeat Communism.

Climate and global warming have turned into a pseudo-religion, by Tommy Hansson

Climate as religion? No less than the former head of the IPCC, the UN Climate Panel, Rajendra Pauchari, declared, when he was forced to resign his office, that his involvement in climate change turned into a pseudo-religion for him. Should you share his religious beliefs or should you try to analyze the climate as a rational matter?