Cover: The darkness of North Korea

The space photo on the cover shows the lights of Japan and South Korea and even of a China opening up for market economy. And the almost complete darkness of poverty-stricken Communist North Korea.

Whatever is happening with Swedish defense?

When General (rt) Carl Björeman is summing up the state of the Swedish defense he quotes the legendary Swedish television correspondent in Paris Knut Ståhlberg: ”The past is present everywhere”. Todays situation is based on the defense strategy of 1948, gen Björeman claims in a talk with Contra publisher Tommy Hansson.

When the Russians were defeated at ”Stäket”

Leftists often claim that the Swedish fear of the intentions of the large neighbour in the east should be discarded as irrational ”fear of the Russians” (ryssskräck). To fear military or political aggression from Russia is seen as a bit awkward and irrational. Historical examples say otherwise. One example is seen from Russian raids along the Swedish Baltic coast in 1719–1721.

Better results in independent schools
by Fredrik Runebert

On January 24 the National Board of Education issued a report titled ”Value for money – an analysis of costs and results in Swedish schools”. The results were clear: independent schools are more efficient than governemnt schools. And government schools are more efficient in communities where they are exposed to competition from independent schools, compared to communities where there are only governement-operated schools. The report was recalled the day after it was published as the results were not politically correct. But Contra has full access to the banned report!

Free speech indicted
by C G Holm

Pentecostalist pastor Åke Green was indicted by prosecutor Kjell Yngvesson in Kalmar and sentenced to one month in jail by the district court, because of a sermon elaborating the Christian view on homosexuality. The Göta court of appeal changed the verdict and Green was acquitted. But the reason for the acquittal was very unsatisfactory. Green was acquitted because of the fact that his views were forwarded in a sermon. If they had been forwarded by the editors of Contra or any say bus driver, the sentence would have been upheld. In a free society it must be possible to forward controversial views!

Lord Cardigan in myth and reality
by Tommy Hansson

Standing on a hill called Causeway Heights on the old battlefield of Balaklava you can imagine the light brigade of Lord Cardigan riding ahead towards the heavy Russian guns in the valley below. ”The death ride of Balaklava” soon developed into a myth and a legend turning Lord Cardigan into a hero. Tommy Hansson visits the site.

Saudi Arabia behind terror threats
by Allan C. Brownfeld

The War Against Terrorism should not develop into a war against islam. American policy must make efforts to distinguish between the moderate muslim majority and radical extremists.

The new constitution of the European Union
by Fredrik Runebert

On October 29 2004 Sweish Prime Minister Göran Persson and other presidents and prime ministers solemnly signed the new constitution of the European Union. The Constittuion was written by a Convention under leadership of former French president Valéry Giscard d’Estaing. The Convention consisted of 100 delegates from the European Parliament, from National Parliaments and from EU institutions. The work was concluded July 10 2003. The constitution is a very detailed and rigid document. Fredrik Runebert analyses the constitution and its effects.