The Crusades – a Christian reaction against moslem violence
by Tommy Hansson

The Crusades took place almost a millennium ago, but they still play a role in the political discussion. A few decades ago a “crusade” was something with positive implications, but today the word has changed its tone of value in the world of political correctness. Not least militant moslems and their followers try to dismiss a (present-day) progressive Western foreign policy as “crusading”.

But what were the real crusades – in all seven of them – like? Was it conquering of land and goods or were there also other more solemn moments in these Christian undertakings against the moslem world of that era?

Useful idiots that helped the USSR
by Allan C. Brownfeld

The world over Communist regimes have fallen. There can now be no doubt about the thoughts of the peoples of Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia, East Germany, Romania, Hungary, Czechoslovakia – as well as Russia – on communism.

East German Stasi operations in Denmark
by Bertil Häggman

In the latest issue of Contra Bertil Häggman wrote about Stasi operations in Sweden. This time the article deals with operations in Denmark. The article is based on extensive research in East German archives, that now are not as classified as they used to be.

The deceit of democrat Tshombe
by Tommy Hansson

This year it is 35 years since the death of Moïse Tshombe, the leader of the Congolese breakaway province of Katanga in the beginning of the 1960s. He was kidnapped and forced into Algerian captivity, where he died only 50 years old. No one from the West tried to help him.

In the political correctness of the time Tshombe was seen as a Belgian puppet, although he was a balanced politician of Western standards, more inclined towards negotiations than nationalist confrontation. This in contrast to Moscow’s man in the Congo, Patrice Lumumba. The UN, including Sweden (and Swedish UN Secretary General Dag Hammarskjöld) playd a questionable role in the conflict.

Double-dealing, treason and firing squads

A doctor from Sweden’s second city Göteborg was arrested a month ago at the airport in Frankfurt. He – and his brother – were important cogs in the machinery that supplied the USSR with secrets from Western defence planning. The most important secrets of Western defence were betrayed to the Soviets. Important Western agents in the USSR were blown and put before firing squads. Involved in this were the two Hungarian doctors from Sweden as well as Clyde Lee Conrad and Aldrich Hazen Ames, both the latter sentenced to imprisonment for life in Germany and the US respectively.