Three articles are linked to Swedish/Scandinavian leftism. Different kinds of leftist activism all the time since the Soviet coup in Petrograd in 1917 (also called “the October Revolution”) until our days. Leftist extremism is to a large extent a movement linked to criminal activities and they use themselves or support revolutionary violence around the world. The largest and most well-established of leftist extremist organizations in Sweden is The Leftist Partiy (Vänsterpartiet), formerly under the names The Leftist Party Communists, and Sweden’s Communist Party respectively.

The Fifth Column is ready

The leftists are gaining pace in our country. The Leftist Party is the third largest party in the Swedish Parliament. In other words: The Fifth Column is ready. They are the same old communists that were once, when they were less numerous, ready to act against our country. I wonder if most people prepared to vote for the Leftist Party are aware of their background. I doubt they are, writes Jan-Erik Johansson.

Anarchosyndicalistic violence

The murder of the unionist Björn Söderberg (allegedly killed by neo-nazis) gave the left their first martyr in modern times (if you disregard from the assasinated Prime Minister Olof Palme). Syndicalism, of which Mr Söderberg was a proponent, is a leftist ideology which in its anarchistic form is prepared to use violence itself, code-named as “direct action”. This reveals an ideological relationship with fascism.

The Revolution that never materialized

The peaceful and easily travelled Torne River Valley, the border between Finland and Sweden in the far North, was a focus for planning of a Communist Revolution in northern Scandinavia. The Reds organized armed groups, smuggled printing presses and illegal literature, chased by the Secret Police.

People who destroyed Sweden: Axel Hägerström

The original intention of philosopher Axel Hägerström was to become a cleric. But on the road he lost his Christian faith and turned into an atheist and nihilist philosopher. He turned out to be the most influential philosopher on the Swedish journey towards materialism and de-Christinization.

Heroes of the Cold War: Piotr Popov

The name Piotr Popov is unknown to the public. Still, in the 1950s he was an important link in the Cold War struggle of the Free Western World against Soviet Communism. Piotr Semionovich Popov was the first agent in the Soviet secret service that was recruited by the CIA. He turned extremely valuable information over to the West and he had to pay with his life for his heroic deeds.

Leftism in the New Swedish Bible

The New Swedish Bible, presented to the Swedish public in December 1999, seems to adjust to general leftism in society. In Ecclesiastess chapter 10 verse 2 a proper translation of the Hebrew original says that the wise man has his heart to the right but the fool has his heart to the left. We are well aware that the Bible does not refer to any political standpoints in this verse. But still, it is remarkable that all references to left and right disappears in the new translation, financed by the left-wing government. A privately funded translation is more true to the original.

Kuban sixty years later

Contra contributor Marek Zyto in the summer 1999 visited the Kuban plains between the Caspian and Black Seas. There he learned Communist reality during the Second World War. After almost sixty years he returned to a country that was not yet fully liberated from Communism.