Contra # 1 2024 Summary in English

Leader: Volume 50

Contra enters its 50th volume. The oldest opposition magazine in Sweden in an age when printed media lingers.


Terror and Warfare

Britt-Louise Hoberg studies the worl’s armed or almost armed conflicts


On Subs

Bertil Malmberg, a retired officer in the Swedish sub corps, comments on earlier articles on subs in Contra.



53 year old Javier Milei is new as president in Argentine. As the first president in a major country Mr Milei runs a libertarian policy to compensate for decades of socialism (peronism) in Argentine.


History of Israel

The conflict between Israel and the Palestinians has a long background but has not been in the world focus until the Hamas attack on Israel on October 7 last year. Gunnar Johansson writes on the background of the conflict based on a book by Daniel Gordis, A Concise History of Israel.


Muslim Brotherhood and Salwan Momika

Salwam Momika, the burning of the Quran and the Muslim Brotherhood. The Muslim Brotherhood makes all it can to discredit Salwam Momika.


Victims of Islam

Bertil Malmberg studies the bloody background of islam.


Election for the European Parliament

Big losses for Greens and Liberals in the election to the European Parliament. A detailed study of minor Swedish parties’ peformance.


Eurovision Song Contest and Nazi Marxism


They Must Be Stopped by Brigitte Gabriel.

Book on muslims in the United States.


Children of the Empire by Liza Alexandrova-Zorina

Book on Russian immigrants in Sweden.