Leader: Polarization
We are strict proponents of free speech and capitalism. But we realize the problem when a large part of the population are against what the other part thinks are the basics of society. We need less polarization in order to enable a better future.

Carl Holm: The real climate threat
Climate alarmists threaten us, but is the real situation a catastrophe? We look at some forgotten facts.

Britt-Louise Hoberg: When Turkey became a member of NATO
Turkey was not a founding member of NATO. On the contrary, many opposed a Turkish membership. Not until a strong Turkish performance in Korea, Turkey was allowed NATO membership in 1952. Now Turkey is trying to block a Swedish membership in NATO.

Nils Holm: Rjukan
Rjukan in Norway had a plant producing heavy water (run by Norsk Hydro). It was the only plant producing heavy water (essential for producing nuclear weapons) in German controlled areas. British commandos blew up the plant in February 1943. Within three months the plant was producing heavy water again. In November 1943 US aircraft dropped almost 1000 bombs over the plant, which was moved to Germany starting in February 1944. Nils Holm was a pilot flying Swedish reconnaissance flights over Rjukan in 1943.

Dan Ahlmark: Dictatorships may not be In charge
Only a minority of the worlds’ countries are democracies. The United Nations and organizations linked to them are controlled by unpleasant regimes. Fortunately in UN itself the West can block decisions in the Security Council.

Britt-Louise Hoberg: The principles of running a society according to the Bible
Countries are governed by ideologies or religions. What do the Bible mean for the principles of governing a society?

Mutiny aboard a Soviet ship heading for Sweden
In November 1975 sailors aboard a Soviet frigate in Soviet Latvia made a mutiny. A Soviet air force pilot was ordered to sink the ship with a nuclear device, but claimed technical failure on his aircraft. Instead other Soviet ships boarded the Sterezhovoy ship and up to 26 mutineers were executed.

Tommy Hansson: Kremlins around all of Russia
In many Russian cities there is a central Kremlin castle. The Kemlin serves as a military and administrative focal point. Kremlin in Moscow serves this purpose for the entire Russia.

Allan C. Brownfeld: No performance measures in US schools
Today many schools abolish performance measures to grant admission to good schools. Instead race criteria are more important than admission tests for important schools. Something like the Jewish quota in Harvard of 1929.