Leader: Greens increase carbon dioxide emissions

Thanks to hydropower and nuclear power only one per cent of Sweden’s production of electricity has been made with fossil fuels (compared with 56 per cent within the entire OECD). The government has forced the close down of nuclear reactors and are subsidizing wind power, which needs a back-up when the wind is not blowing. The effect is a significant import of eletricity generated by fossil fuels in Denmark, Germany and Poland.

Filip Björner: The Public Health Agency of Sweden, desinformation and the Chinese virus

The Public Health Agency of Sweden (Folkhälsomyndigheten) deliberately mislead the Swedish public. In this artricle we look at early mistakes and misconceptions for which the Agency is responsible. Denials, lies and deliberate misconceptions.

Contra Desinformation Prize ro The Public Health Agency of Sweden

Géza Molnár: Hard for the Mining industry with The Greens as part of the government

It is easy and cheap to prospect for minerals in Sweden. And to run a mine you pay only 1.5 per thousand to the owner of the land and 0.5 per thousand to the government. Landowners have complained about the ridiculously low payments once the governemnt has approvved the mine.

But after the easy part, the permission to look for minerals, comes the hard part, getting a permit to run the mine, which is given by a public authority (The Mining Inspectorate of Sweden, Bergsstaten) or the cabinet itself. It is not clear what rules should apply and since the Green Party joined the government the regulations has turned into much more of an uncertainty.

Charter Schools, part of liberty

The reform introducing free charter schools (friskolor) in the early 1990s was an important step in order to give people freedom of choice. But now the reform is criticised, in spite of the fact that it has been a big success. Approximately 15 per cent of the youth have already opted for charter schools, increasing by approximately one percentage point a year, and these pupils (their parents and the society) get more and better education for less money. The present Swedish system is a true voucher system. The school gets the same amount of money per pupil from the local government that is needed to run public schools. Most charter schools are run by individuals, foundations or religious institutions. But some are run by listed companies, showing healthy profits, in spite of income restricted to a fixed sum per pupil.

The opposition in Venezuela asks for assistance

”We have a brutal dictatorship and a brutal dictator, who has commited crimes against humanity”. Venezolan interim president Juan Guaidó is interviewed in this issue of Contra.

Dan Ahlmark: Postmodernism and history

Postmodernism is much the same as leftist radicalism. This has many effects, of which one is the creation of a fake history.

Filip Björner: Persecution of believers

A report from Humanists international (IHEU), shows that government violence against human rights is extensive in moslim countries seldom described in Swedish media. We summarizes the report which treats the persecution of believers and non-believers.

Book reviews:

Jacob E:son Söderbaum: Modern conservatism

Helen Pluckrose och James Lindsay: Cynical theories