Leader: Freedom of Speech

Media seems less and less interested in standing up for freedom of speech. Politically incorrect views are blocked  and relevant facts are withheld from the public.  The developmnent is a threat to freedom and democracy. We miss the people that once were prepared to stand up for their views in mainstream media.


Justice in court

It is hard for the individual to get justice in court even if you have all the rights according to the law. A fairly recent (ten years) organization based on the same ideas as the US Institute for Justice help individuals to fight overconfident authorities.

Stasi spies on East German christians

The East German Stasi organization was well-known for its control of East Germans. When the wall fell Stasi had 91,000 employees and 600,000 informal collaborators (IM). Section XX/4 was specialized in following the Lutheran Church. Elizabeth Braw has written a book (in English) on Stasi and the Lutheran church, God’s spies.

How to counter mass indoctrination

Dan Ahlmark wrote in the last issue of Contra on the dominating influence of the left in the value-oriented sector in Swedish society. In this issue he discusses what do do about it.

Wind power is dangerous

December 24 2015 a 400 ton wind power generator fell to the ground in the small community of Lemnhult in Sweden. The windmill was part of a 32 generator big windpark.The accident was in no way unique. A lot of similar accidents have happened during the past 20 years. No one was hurt in Lemnhult. But what if someone had passed on the nearby road? Or if someone is close the next time it happens?

Sweden  paradise or hell

”Sweden is often regarded as a social democratic paradise or a leftist hell. Depending on the viewers political and economic values. ”
Lane Kenworthy, professor at the University of San Diego. 

”The Shangri La of leftist ideologues.”
Nima Sandaiji, Swedish social scientist

Polar Bear life

Susan J. Crockford is one of the world’s most renowned polar bear specialists. She took a doctorate in zoology, without any specialization on polar bears. Later she found out that polar bears were ”red-listed” as threateend of extinction by the International Union for Conservation of Nature (IUCN) in 1982. She found out that the polar bear was the only animal classsified as threatened of extinction without ever have been counted. When Crockford started her protests the red-listing was removed in 1996. The number of polar bears increased. And still the red-listing got back, not because of polar bears declining in numbers, but because of a possible future threat through a possible climate change.