Leader: Sweden would have managed better without a new government

Sweden managed fine without a government. And would have been better off if it had continued in governmentlessness. Now it turned out worse than before after 134 days. The new government has opened for an unreasably big influence for the extremist party that is the smallest in the Riksdag. The three other parties that supported the new government gave the Green party too much. 96 per cent of Swedes voted against them.


When foreign bribes decided the destiny of Sweden by Filip Björner

Today’s political system is full of measures like socialist support for the press, cultural grants, grants to the political parties and publicly owned TV and radio. But it was not better in old times. The parliamentarism of the 18th century, reminded to a large extent of today’s form of government. But it was burdened by an extended system of bribes, paid by foreign governments. Contra tells the story of ”the era of liberty” in the 18th century (1718–1772).


Fighting against islam and islamism
by Tommy Hansson

After 9-11 president George W. Bush proclaimed the war against terrorism. But the war against islamist terrorism has been waged almost all the time since the birth of the prophet Muhammed in 570 A.D. Tommy Hansson tells about the muslim military expansion and the efforts of the West to keep islam back through the Crusades.


Greens threaten farmers by Filip Björner

The Secret Service of Sweden a few years ago ended their efforts to control green extremism as the Ministry of Justice claimed that ”the animal rights movement is not aiming its efforts against the foundations of democracy”. It is likely that extremists from the Green party was behind this decision. Now the number of attacks and threats against farmers, and their children, are increasing rapidly.


No problem with a few more degrees by C G Holm

According to the 2015 Paris agreement the signatories should take efforts to limit the temperature increase to 2 degrees Celsius, or if possible 1.5 degrees, since the beginning of the 19th century (and the emrgence of industrialism). One degree is already claimed. And if the increase is not stopped we will all see the climate catastrophe. And the catastrophe is that Stockholm would reach the temperatures of Frankfurt and that Gothenburg would reach the temperatures of Bruxelles. We are not scared…


Hurricanes and tornadoes decrease by C G Holm

One of the myths of the climate alarmists are that storms, hurricanes and tornadoes turn worse and more frequent. This is not true. To the contrary the number of severe hurricanes and tornadoes is decreasing.


The sea level increases one meter in 600 years – but in Sweden the sea level falls by C G Holm

After the ”little ice age” (in the 18th century) the sea level increased by approximately 2 mm a year. The pace has now declined to 1.4 mm or 1 meter in 600 years. But in Sweden the land is rising after the disappearance of the ice cap some 12,000 years ago. The increase is between 3 and 10 mm a year (varies according to where in Sweden you measure). With a global sea level rise of 1.4 mm, the sea level actually falls in all of Sweden.


Polar bears breed and are healthy by C G Holm

The Polar Bear Specialist group has stopped making their four-yearly Polar Bear Report. Polar bear researcher Susan Crockford makes the report by her own instead. Polar bears thrive and are healthy according to her latest report (the section on polar bears was quite lengthy in the Al Gore film An Inconvenient Truth (2006), nothing at all was said about polar bears in his An Inconvenient Sequel (2017).


Data theft behind desinformation by Filip Björner

In Contra #6 2018 there was a review of a book on the murder of Swedish prime minister Olof Palme (1986). The author Jan Stocklassa cllaimed that the lilkely murderer was man who was described so that he could easily be identified. Contra has spoken to him. Part of the content of the book is quotes from mail correspondence between this man and Contra Middle East correspondent Bertil Wedin. Nothing in that correspondence is detrimental to the parties, but it is obvious that Mr Stocklassa has had full access to private correspondence that is not open to the public.


Mysteries in the Baltic during the Cold war
by C G Holm

During the 1940s and 1950s and in one case as late as 1960 Swedish merchant vessels disappeared in the Baltic. Rumours circulated that the ships had been sunk or seized by authorities from the Communist controlled shore states, the Soviet Union, Poland or Eastern Germany. Claims were made that crews had been seen in captivity behind the iron curtain.


Ecological production

(book review) Well-known Swedish professor in ecology, Torbjörn Fagerström, has collected articles on nature, ecology and gene modifying in a new book. The author is disgusted by the fact that scientific progress is unused and hidden by political correctness.



(book review) Dr Hans Rosling died in 2017. At the time he had started writing a book on the progress of mankind during the past decades, illustrated by the Rosling developed Gapmind diagrams. His son Ola Rosling and daughter in law Anna Rosling Rönnlund has concluded the work started by Hans Rosling, who had an international auditorium.