Leader: Don’t let the Greens embezzle public pensions

The Green Party want’s to ban investments of public pension money to get good returns. Political considerations should replace financial goals.

Freedom of speech threatened in the social media society

The big companies active in social media have turned into monopolies. This is combined with a leftist agenda stopping politically incorrect views in the Swedish versions of Facebook och Google. This is an increasing threat to freedom of speech.

In our society the balance is biased to the benefit of women

Karl-Olov Arnstberg used to be a professor of ethnology at the University of Stockholm. Now he is a frequent writer and ideologist. He is certainly not politically correct and he often challenges the views of the establishment. Sometimes through books published at his own publisher ”Debattförlaget”. Professor Arnstberg is interviewd by C G Holm.

The UN Declaration of Human Rights mistranslated into Swedish

In the original languages of the UN Declaration of Human Rights all humans are born free and equal in dignity and rights. Not so in the official Swedish translation where all humans are equal in value. Adolf Hitler and Mother Theresa are thus equals in the Swedish version of the declaration, not so in the versions in the five original languages English (dignity), Spanish (dignidad), French (dignité), Russian (достоинстве) and Chinese (zunyán). All these words should be translated to ”värdighet” according to current Swedish dictionaries, not ”värde” which has been used all the time since 1948. The mistaken translation is astonishingly forwarded into the present Constitution of Sweden, Chapter 1, article 2: ”All public power should be exercised with respect for the equal value of all human beings and for the freedom and dignity of the individual”.

Carl Bildt: Excellent efforts and some failures

We who started being active in the 1970s (the article is written by Contra contributor Tommy Hansson) could not avoid meeting Carl Bildt. He was noted already when active in student politics in the 1960s and later he was both Prime Minister (1991–1994) and Foreign Secretary (2006–2014). Mr Hansson presents the comprehensive biography of Carl Bildt, written by journalist Björn Häger.

The birth of Swedish multiculturalism

1975 Swedish immigration policy was turned from integration to multiculturalism. When the Parliament approved a bill on this it was obvious that many parliamentarians were not aware of the turnaround that was to take place. Prime Minister Olof Palme was however fully aware and a couple of years later he declared that it was likely that the Social Democratic Party was far ahead of public opinion.

Putin sharpens his control of Russia

There is a presidential election in Russia March 28th.  Frank Gordons gives a background on the mounting pressure against the Russian opposition.

Cash and control

It turns harder and harder to use cash in society. And when cash disappears the opportunities for the Governement and large corporations to control citizens increase. The freedom of political opponents is circumvented. Johan Paléus, a lwayer, is discussing the risks of a society without cash.

”Values” and integration

World Value Survey (WVS) is a continuos social science project measuring the values of societies on earth. It is run by the American researcher Ronald Inglehart from the University of Michigan. The objective is to study sociocultural, moral, religious and political values in different cultures.

WVS summarizes the world in two dimensions – the traditional/secular and the survival/self-expression dimensions. Sweden is extreme in the top right corner of the resulting diagram. The diagram shows the possibilities of integrating people from other cultures into the Swedish society. It should be fairly easy for people with values similar to the Swedish, i e Norway, Denmark, Finland and the Netherlands to integrate.

Turning to the opposite end of the diagram you find countries like Jordan Morocoo, Iraq and ”Palestine”. Some of these has a large proportion of the immigrant influx into Sweden. Other big sources for Swedish immigration, like Syria and Afghanistan are not included in the WVS, but it is not hard to imagine that they also would be placed in the opposite direction of the diagram, making integration into the Swedish society especially hard.