Fake news

During the end of 2016 ”fake news” was a common topic. From the far left many advocated for restrictions and regulations banning fake news. A very dangerous point of view significant for the authoritarianism so central to leftists.

Plenty of raw materials,
by C G Holm

In 1972 Doomsday prophets gathered in the Club of Rome to discuss our miserable future in the report The Limits to Growth. If the development had been as the Club of Rome projected we would all already have fallen into misery and starvation. But during the past 45 years a rapidly growing prosperity have shown that the Club of Rome was wrong.


The Swedish model,
by Fredrik Runebert

If you don’t want to discuss the actual topic a typical excuse is a reference to ”the Swedish model”. Fredrik Runebert analyzes the true meaning of the Swedish model – from the beginning less legislation and more power to collective agreements between companies and trade unions. But lately developed into a number of other ”models”.

Religious freedom in Russia put under pressure, by Tommy Hansson

Religious freedom is under attack in Putin’s Russia. Legislation is more restrictive and missionary activity and public worship – if not within the Russian Orthodox Church – is threatened. The government fears a growing influence from religious minorities, protestants, catholics and others.


Glorifying islamic terror,
by Tommy Hansson

Iraq and Syria are still in focus for violent islam, although al-Qaida and ISIS are active also in other areas. On Facebook and in other social media there is a lot of propaganda, also in Swedish, for armed struggle and islamic supremacy, glorifying the armed struggle. The propaganda has obviously been successful as hundreds (if not more) people from Sweden have joined the armed struggle in Iraq and Syria.

The enigmatic fascism, by Per Ossmer

”Fascism is enigmatic as it contains counteracting views… Whatever we look at we will also see its opposite, a and not a is a key…”. Written by the Spanish author and philosopher José Ortega y Gasset already in 1927.

Swedish communist trained in subversive action in Moscow, by Bertil Häggman

Swedish Communists, members of the very same organization that today constitutes the Left Party, a vital support for the present Swedish government, were trained at the Lenin school in Moscow. Today we know more about the training thanks to Russian archives, but also documents from the FBI in the United States.

The Swamp is defending itself,
by Allan C. Brownfeld

Donald Trump promised to drain the swamp, meaning a tough attitude towards the political elite in Washington. The very first day of the new Congress a number of Republican Representatives gathered to cut back on the funding and authority of the Office of Congressional Ethics. Trump and majority leader of the House Kevin McCarthy said stop McCarthy asked if the Representatives campaigned to stop Obamacare or Congressional ethics. The effort to cut back on OCE was cancelled.