East German Stasi operations in Sweden
by Bertil Häggman

Bertil Häggman has made research in East German Stasi archives. In Contra he tells about his findings on East German operations in Scandinavia. The Stasi (secret police) gave generous financial contributions to the Swedish Communist Party, still represented in the Riksdag under the name Vänsterpartiet (Left Party) and contributing its MPs to form the majority backing the present government. Leading members of the Party were able to participate in training in the Party School in Bad Doberan on the East German Baltic Coast. In spite of the fact that training (up to one year) took place in Swedish for the Swedish party, all costs were met by the East Germans.


Intelligence in War and Peace
by Tommy Hansson

Intelligence has been of central interest since ancient times. Not least the concept was vital during the Cold War, when the war between East and West was presented in novels as well as films. CIA of the United States and KGB of the Soviet Union were mostly in focus. But you should not forget British Mi-5 and Mi-6, although the most well-known British agent, James Bond, was (mostly) fiction. A new Swedish book by Lars Ulfving on intelligence, gives an overview of intelligence operations in past and presence.

Henry Oliver Rinnan, executed Norwegian traitor

One of the most disgusting examples in modern times of secret intelligence, manipulations and treason is Henry Oliver Rinnan, in nazi occupied Norway during World War II. Rinnan was a German agent, although he posed as leader of Norwegian patriotic resistance in the city of Trondheim. His activities caused the death of a large number of Norwegian patriots and resistance fighters. After the end of the war he was executed by a firing squad, in spite of the fact that Norway hade abolished the death penalty already before WWII. Rinnan shared his fate with master traitor Vidkun Quisling (Norwegian ”prime minister” during German occupation) and 23 other traitors.


Former of US Foreign Policy:
Condoleezza Rice
by C G Holm

Two black Americans run US foreign policy. Secretary of State Colin Powell is the man coming from a modest background in Bronx, having risen to his top position through the armed forces. More powerful is however the chairman of The National Security Council, Condoleezza Rice, who has a purely academic background. She has always struggled to be number one, and she has succeeded.

Feminism – an extension of marxism
by Fredrik Runebert

Feminism is an ideology which during the past ten years have strengthened its position in society. It has influenced government policies. It is often compared to equality, which is as absurd as if socialism was equal to justice.
Feminism is based on the theory of patriarchism, meaning that men oppress women. The theory behind feminism has a common background with marxism. But the question posed by Mr Runebert is if there really is a dividing line between feminism and socialism, or if they are not really of common stock.


Traditional or radical islamism?
by Anssi Kristian Kullberg

Some analysts claim that suicide attacks in Chechnya, and other areas of the Northern Caucasus and in Russia itself, indicates a shift from the tradition of guerilla warfare to more desperate terrorism of a Palestinian model – really a manifestation of the weakness of the organization.

But in order to understand the overall picture you need a broader view. The move from nationalist independence movements towards islamism is something that has been observed since a long time in the Eurasian conflict zone.

The Eurasian conflict zone is a wide area from the Balkans through the Caucasus towards Central Asia and Afghanistan, Kashmir and South East Asia. The location of the rift is no coincidence and it is no coincidence that the rift is all along the borderline between ancient empires.

No peace as long as Arafat is in charge

For Israelis sucuide bombers are no joke. Art glorifying such acts is intolerable. The comment is made by the deputy to the ambassador at the Israeli Embassy in Stockholm after the world renowned ”art work” Snowwhite and the madness of truth was destroyed by the Israeli Ambassador Zvi Mazel. The determined action by Ambassador Mazel caused a continuous flow of flowers and congratulary remarks through mail end e-mail to Ambassador Mazel.


Professor in psychology Lennart Sjöberg interviewed by Patrik Nyberg

During recent years psychologists have had an important role in several crime cases that have caused much attention. Professor in psychology Lennart Sjöberg (at the Stockholm School of Economics) has formed an organization fighting unscientific use of psychological theories. Especially so in the courts.