A man for Moscow ­ or for Hillary only?

William Jefferson Blythe Clinton is born the same year as King Carl Gustaf of Sweden, in 1946. He is a child of the radicalism of the 1960s and the traditional corruption of the state of Arkansas. When he started his political career at Georgetown University in the mid 1960s, he was, as many Americans an advocate of social engineering of the type advocated by the Myrdal couple. In 1969 Clinton made a political pilrimage tour, by rail, through Sweden, Finland, the Soviet Union and Czechoslovakia. This is the first of two articles on Bill Clinton, the man of scandals.

Fidel Castro’s agents in Sweden

Every year the Nordic Brigade is recruitng Swedes for work on Cuba. The pilgrims get an adapted view of life in Cuba and gets back to Sweden as political agents of the Cuban regime. Two leading Cuban refugees in Sweden has written this article.

Violence in TV is threatening civilization

Contra correspondent Allan C. Brownfeld comments on increased violence in television. This is affecting especially young people. Violence shown in TV is usually unable to display the real effects of violent acts. And for many young people it turns out to be very hard to grasp the difference between fact and fiction (this statement is actually quoted from a book written by Sissela Bok, daughter of the Myrdal couple mentioned in the Clinton article above).

American anti-communism

When professor Richard Gid Power’s book Not Without Honour ­ The History of American Anticommunism was published in 1995 it was noted and discussed among a wide audience. For the firts time a book showed that anti-communism was no right-wing fringe movement, but an important fight against communist tyranny, supported by a wide spectrum of Americans ­ jews, protestants, blacks, catholics, socialists, trade unionists and ­ of course ­ conservatives.

Gouzenko revealed Soviet espionage

The Cold War started when the Soviet Union during the first years after World War II subjugated one nation after the other. At the same time Soviet spies were active in USA, England and Canada, in order to get the secrets of the atom bomb. The magnitude of the Soviet espionage was revealed by the former employee at the Soviet Embassy in Ottawa, Igor Gouzenko, who defected to the West.

The Kurds ­ a people without a country

Some times it is claimed that the Kurds are the most popolous people in the world without a country of their own. This is not literally true, as some larger peoples in India have to do with a state of their own. Anyway, the Kurds are approximately 20 million, spread among six countries in the Middle East. Most of them live in Turkey, where ther Kurdish cause has been kidnapped by an old-fashioned marxist movement (PKK and Abduallah Öcalan), which after the fall of the Berlin Wall seems to be unique in its out-of-dateness. In Iraq, however, Kurds have been succesfull in creating what in practice is an independent state, something that has been achieved with US support. The northern parts of Iraq are run by the Kurds and the men of Iraqi leader Saddam Hussein seem to have no influence whatsoever in that part of Iraq.