Gabriella remembers Raoul Wallenberg
by Tommy Hansson

Gabriella Kassius was approximately 25 when she arrived in Sweden in January 1947. She had been awarded a scholarship to study the history of theatre. A couple of years earlier, 1944–45, the young student experienced her adventure of the life when she worked as an assistant at the Swedish Legation in Budapest, assisting Raoul Wallenberg to save Hungarian jews from the Holocaust.

Armenia is a part of Europe
by C G Holm

Armenia considers itself a part of Europe, in spite of the fact that many consider the border between Europe and Asia to follow the ridge of the Greater Caucasus. But Armenia is a member of the European Council, and from a political point Armenia is definitely a part of Europe. The author visited Armenia last year and describes the complicated politics of the area.

Contra contributor Bertil Häggman was awarded damages as a compensation for the surveillance of SÄPO (Swedish Secret Service) against him

Contra contributor Bertil Häggman recently was awarded damages of 35,000 kronor (3,500 €) as a compensation for the surveillance of SÄPO directed at him. The Chancellor of Justice (Justitiekanslern) concludes that the Human Rights of Bertil Häggman according to articles 8, 10, 11 and 13 in the European Convention of Human Rights have been violated. Information on him have been more sensitive and have been kept for a longer period, than in the case Segerestedt Wiberg et al v Sweden before the European Court of Human Rights in Strasbourg. The Chancellor especially notices that Mr Häggman has been working as an author. The decision makes it possible for more Swedish anti-communists to seek similar damages.

Science and religion
by Stig Daun

You should not look on science and religion as competing points of view. Those who see a conflict between the two does not realize that science and religion are not comparable and serve different purposes for man.
We need science to udnerstand what’s around us on earth and in the Universe. But we need religion too. Not in order to give as counter-theories to science. But to get a spiritual meaning in our lives.

Leftist hooligans are not prosecuted

Göteborgs-Posten (the second largest quality newspaper in Sweden) has in a series of articles studied leftist hooligans and thugs and the almost complete incompetence of the legal system to handle this crimes. GP has studied leftist cirmes against their political enemies in Western Sweden during the past three years. The newspaper found 180 crimes reported to the police. Only in one single case the criminals were prosecuted. And in that case the criminals themselveds had put a video on the internet to brag about what they had done. The video was one of the most important proofs the police had during the trial.

Jews are moving from the city of Malmö – the mayor Ilmar Reepalu knows nothing of what happens in his city

Skånska Dagbladet had a series of articles on the situation of jews in the city of Malmö (Sweden’s third biggest). Due to the heavy influx of moslem immigrants the situation of the jews have been more and more exposed. And local authorities seem to have no idea of what happens, and why jews move to Stockholm or Israel to get away from Malmö. The mebership in the Jewish Parish in Malmö has declined from 2,000 to 700 during the past forty years.

The revolutionary libertarian Murray Rothbard
by Fredrik Runebert

The revolutionary libertarian Murray N. Rothbard (1926-1995) differs from other philosophers presented by Fredrik Runebert in Contra, as Rothbard saw himself as the Karl Marx of libertarianism. No government was legitimate and he revolted against authoritarianism and cults. Thus he was no friend of gradual change of the government. Rothbard’s keywords were self-ownership, rights och non-aggression.

Man, land and power
by Fredrik Runebert

Regional development policies start with the assumption that the central government should reallocate resources between geographcial regions, instead of defining individual rights. For politicians advocating regional redistribution land is more important than equality before justice. Areas with a high level of growth have to contribute their wealth to the retarding areas. These politicians value land higher than the right of individuals to freely chose the place where to live and their profession, and they try to cast a fixed form of society through subsidies counteracting change.

The thrilling life of a daring anti-communist
by Bertil Wedin

The Finnish-Swedish aristocrat Carl Magnus Armfelt lead a thrilling life. He experienced the Japanese attack against Pearl Harbor and his missions to promote freedom took him to Hungary in 1956 and Czecholsovakia in 1968.