Leader: Perspective on the formation of a government

Sweden has for a long time been governed by minority governments. There is no difference now. But the prime minister was appointed in a way that limits the influence of voters. According to the left the Center-Right opposition would be dependent on the Sweden Democrats, which often are seen as a populist party, if they formed a government. Thus two minor parties voted for keeping social democratic prime minister Stefan Löfven at the helm. But in fact a government consisting of the four Center-Right parties would be dependent on the Social Democrats as much as on the Sweden Democrats. Only in the case that these two parties joined up to a common position a Center-Right government would loose ciritical votes in Parliament. But the present government is in the same way dependent on the support of the tiny Communist party.

Britt-Louise Hoberg: New efforts to limit the freedom of information act

Will the public in practice be denied the access to information avaiílable under the freedom of information act (a part of the Swedish coinstitution since 1766)? The government wants to stop access to public records from courts.

Ben Riley-Smith: Kellyanne Conway

The only one, outside the immediate family, that served in the campaign of Donald Trump, that still is with the Trump team in the White House is Kellyanne Conway. In this interview she explains her loyalties and states that she is open with her criticism of the president, but only behind closed doors. She also discuss her former colleagues.

Dan Ahlmark: Old White Men

Anger is often poured over ”Old White Men”. This is not just, claims Dan Ahlmark. The old have experience, the white have created much of our technology and civilization and men are bearers of some of the characteristics that are essential to the survival of our society.

Russian satellites

During the period from 1992 to 2014 Russia has gradually absorbed land in adjacent areas, establishing ”independent states” controlled by Russia. There are six such states. In addition Russia has incorporated the Krim peninsula.

The Stockholm Initiative and climate change

If believing climate alarmists a catastrophe is close by. Contra talks to the chairman of the Stockholm Initiative, Per Welander, who gives another view on climate change.

C G Holm: Coral reefs are healthy

Climate alarmists threaten with the extinction of coral reefs, not least the Great Barrier Reef outside Australia. The Great Barrier Reef has gone extinct five times during the past 30,000 years, and it has always come back.

C G Holm: Island nation threatened by drowning is planning new mega-airport

31 years ago the island nation of the Maldives in the Indian Ocean would be covered with water and being uninhabitable within 30 years, due to global warming and rising sea levels. But the Maldives are still there and the government plans a new mega-airport for increased tourism. And international banks are happy to participate in financing the airport, which certainly would need fifty years to pay back the investment.

C G Holm: Science split on climate change

Sometimes it is claimed that science is settled on climate change and that 97 per cent of scientist agree on humans as the main cause of global warming. Contra is giving another view. We don’t look at climate change in this article but at the differing views of scientists.

Tommy Hansson: Russian history from Rurik to Putin

”Russia is an integrated part of European civilization” according to historian Kristian Gerner in his new book on Russian history. But, the largest country on earth, has its major parts in Asia. Gerner summarizes the history of the vast Russian empire.

Allan C. Brownfeld: In the state of New York abortion is allowed up to the moment of birth

In January this year the state of New York changed its law on abortion. When Governor Andrew Cuomo signed the bill jubilant Democratic delegates in the state legislature cheered. The state of Virginia was very close to follow suit to New York.

Magnus Utvik: In opposition to reality

Magnus Utvik has a dark past as member of the Swedish communist party. Now he sees himself obliged to tell the story of the party as a part of his repent of past sins. It’s my duty to tell the story for the dissidents, who suffered under communism.