Leader: Gender politics

Some think there are more than two genders. Science is clear, there are two genders and just two genders. Which should not be mixed up with sexual preferences.

The Quran – a book of violence

The Quran is the book for war and violence. More than 100 verses in the Quran enourage believers to fight war (jihad) against non-believers.

Julia Llewellyn Smith:
China, human rights and the virus

Anastasia Lin is a model, an actress and a beauty queen. She is also a human rights activist and her critical views on her country of birth, China, has threatened both her career and her family. She claims that the virus could harm the ruling elite in China in an interview made by Julia Llewellyn Smith.

Dan Ahlmark: What is toxic feminism?

Toxic feminism look at men from a gender perspective only, misuse the word masculinity, generalize about men and look on every woman as a victim.

C G Holm: The American presidential election

74 year old Donald Trump or 78 year old Joe Biden? America is more and more polarized as the election is approaching.

Britt-Louise Hoberg: Book banned in Denmark – published in Sweden

A Danish court banned the publishing of the book, as it according to the Police Intelligence Agency (PET) contained sensitive information. It was written by a former head of the PET and when it was banned in Denmark it was published in Sweden.

Tommy Hansson: Author P. O. Enqvist was a loudspeaker for the KGB and the Red Khmers

Author Per Olov (P. O.) Enquist passed away at an age of 85. He was hit by a stroke four years ago and has not written since. When he passed away he got praise from both the Prime Minister and the King, as well as most of the leftist journalists writing on culture. I do not question the skills of Enqvist as an author, director and dramatist. A long number of awards prove that. But I do question all praise he has got. His political excesses should also be noted.

C G Holm: When will people born abroad
be self-sufficient?

In 1940 approximately 1 per cent of the Swedish population was born abroad. During the great influx of foreign workers during the 1950s and 1960s a large number of well-trained workers from Finland and the Mediterranean arrived and started to work immediately. A good net value for the country. But since approximately 1980 immigration has been a net loss for the country. And official statistics are misleading. The statistics reveals the number of employed, which include those having been paid for at least one hour of work per month. But the number of self-sufficient people, those who earn the money they need, is much lower. People between 20 and 64 have a self-sufficiency rate of 73 per cent if born in Sweden and only 37 per cent if born in Africa or the Middle East.

Pia Hellertz: To my defense

Peter Johansson has written a book on the lawyer Sargon De Basso and his life. Pia Hellertz got in touch with his family decades ago and comments the book in the light of her own experience